Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mrs. Pearl (Gibson) Gordon d. March 13, 1903

The death angel has again visited earth and taken from it another bright jewel to adorn heaven. On the 13th of March, at 3:15 a.m., Mrs. Pearl Gordon, nee Gibson, died at St. Mary's hospital, Pueblo, Colo., aged 20 years and 13 days.
About three years ago, Miss Pearl Gibson, of Big Creek, Mo., went to Denver, Colo., to seek employment. She worked as a waitress at several hotels in that city. She was finally employed at the Columbia Hotel, where she worked for over a year. She made many friends while there, among them was Sergeant Maurice J. Gordon, to whom she was married the 9th of August, 1902.
Late last autumn Sergeant Gordon was transferred to Pueblo where he had charge of a recruiting station, where his wife joined him some time in November. Last December Mrs. Gordon returned to Texas county to visit her old home and loved ones here, where she remained until Feb. 10th, returning to her husband in Pueblo. On February 16th she was stricken down with typhoid-pneumonia. All that medical skill could do was done, but nothing could avail; God saw fit to take her to Himself.
At an early age she professed a faith in Christ and joined the Southern Methodist church at Pleasant Hill.
J. T. Gibson, her brother, of Denver, was with her the latter part of her illness, and also her old room-mate, Miss Hattie Knight, of Denver, and we feel sure that all a loving husband, brother and friend could do to brighten last hours on earth was done. She left a bright testimony. She leaves a husband, father, mother, four brothers and three sisters and a host of friends to mourn for her.
Since childhood Mrs. Gordon and the writer have been bosom friends. Always as a child she was ready to give up to her playmates. Her life was a bright example for us all to follow. Although never in good health, she was always jolly and had a bright, happy smile for all.
Dear bereaved kindred and friends, let us not mourn for her too much, for our loss is her gain. Never more will she suffer pain, but she will live forever in the "New Jerusalem." One who loved her.

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